la finca humana

A group of Honduran farmers fight to plant a new society.

The philosophy of Alias Sanchez, The Human Farm, was planted in the minds of farmers across Central America from 1982 to 2002. Mr. Sanchez stressed the importance of analysis and reflection rather than practices based on memorization and repetition. Presently, a small group of his followers are leading a peaceful revolution without weapons. They are farming organically and creating an authentic and stimulating environment for the children. Their harvest is magnificent. These revolutionaries are moving this program from isolated, mountain villages to the most impoverish and dangerous neighborhoods throughout the country. As the contamination, corruption and violence highlight the world, they are working fast to create a generation that will solve the problems that we have created before it is too late.

Screening Feature Length Fall 2016

Directed and Filmed By: Brian Olson
Produced By: Rolando Lopez, Edward McShaffrey, and Brian Olson